Need tips on which skill tree I should try for Gaige.

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4 years ago#1
Starting a new playthrough from my Zer0 to focus on somebody else for a change.

I don't know which skill tree sounds better, or worst. I'm thinking of either going down the Blue or the Green skill trees.(Forgot their names) The Anarchy perks doesn't sound like my playstyle, but if it's viable with a good shotgun then I may give it a shot, but I want to make sure my Deathtrap can hold his own also.

So thanks for the tips.
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4 years ago#2
I personally really like the Little Big Trouble tree (Blue) for upping her elemental damage, plus make it sparkle is nice.

Mine build is a combination of her Order Chaos (red tree) and the LBT. All that I find the OC tree has is the anarchy stacks, dischord and bloody shields which can ALL be obtained while still getting the final skill in either of the other trees.

In my OC tree I took gaige far enough to get anarchy, the increased anarchy limit, discord,bloody shields and rational anarchist (all fully maxed if having more than 1 point able to put in)

She gets the increased dmg of anarchy, the healing of dischord and all the lightning damage you could want from LBT. I haven't really touched the BFF tree (green) past "close enough" but I found even with high anarchy I didn't NEED the ricochet effect to kill enemies effectively, much quicker yes but not needed imo.

But hey that's just me, you may end up really liking some of the skills further down in OC, I tried going down to her melee final skill but I always find myself hitting melee as a reaction if someone gets close and the skill does not seem worth using unless you're close to hitting the stack limit.
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4 years ago#3
The guy above has good tips. Shocked out Gaige is legit and very fun. I personally took little big trouble all the way down combined w anarchy.

BUT. One guy once said this is how to play Gaige-

1. put a point in anarchy
2. grab a shotgun

i too was skeptical. I gave it a throw and i had a LOT of fun on that run.
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4 years ago#4
What type of weapons would ya recommend with the Anarchy skill tree since it makes them more inaccurate?

Also I don't have any of the latest DLC besides Gaige.
The Phantom Pain= FLAMING LAND WHALE!!!!!!
4 years ago#5
I think i used a tediore shotgun with 66.6 accuracy and decent fire rate for a good ten levels and just ruined everything. Shotguns, subs, pistols were my main squeezes. The accuracy drop really isnt terrible. Decent fire rates and some points in close enough are plenty fine. I used bandit smgs and dahl pistols to success as well. Hyperion shotguns are good too
"My game is like the Pythagorean Theorem; there is no answer." -Shaq
4 years ago#6
I found Moxxi's Heartbreaker shotgun to work quite nicely at high levels of anarchy 300-400+ since it's hyperion it has the stabilizers helping out with the accuracy.

Or as I had mentioned you could always put some points into Close enough, each point put in gives every bullet fired (each pellet in a shotgun blast) a 10% per point chance to ricochet and hit a nearby enemy for reduced damage. If you want to do that I would suggest doing that over points into Nth degree.
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4 years ago#7
Anarchy Tree is the most fun while playing through my first playthrough, but in TVHM when it got hard I found it better to max out the middle tree (Interspersed Outburst is baller) and go down the left tree. Left tree has health regen, plus when you get the skill that extends Deathtrap's duration for each kill then you can basically have him active at all times, and he totally owns.
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4 years ago#8
4 years ago#9
Middle skill tree for buffing your Death trap and dealing shock and some fire damage, or right skill tree for raw power. I'm always looking to dishing out the most damage I can, so I'm loving Anarchy right now. Nothing can kill me and my Jakob's revolver/shotgun when I hit 125+ anarchy stacks
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4 years ago#10
I think she's the most versatile character in the game so there's a variety of things you can do.

Personally, I think a combination of BFF and Little Big Trouble skilltrees are good for early to mid game, to get you familiar with the character. The thing is that unlike the other characters, I don't think there's an imperative to get to the end tree skill asap because they're not imo her game changers. Make it Sparkle and Sharing is Caring greatly depend on the quality of your gear, and Claws are okay but I think Anarchy builds are more late game personally.

Those two trees have a good mix of abilities to both give you good abilities, and give Deathtrap more longevity and attacks.

Mid to late game, when you're more familiar with the character and you start getting higher level gear though, I think experimenting with Anarchy is her end-game ideal because it leads to her most damaging possibilities. I use a mostly Anarchy based build with a good portion of BFF (I skip claws personally and I don't miss them.), revolving around richochetting bullet abilities and constant Discord but honestly there's really no go-to hybrid with her since she's so versatile, but I think that's a decent way to progress towards getting to know the character.

As for weapons, I'd recommend faster firing guns generally, especially if you start using Anarchy later. Shotguns especially. I think whatever way you go, she's not about precision at all. lol
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