Wow, Maya is awesome!!

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4 years ago#1
I have a lvl 42 Zero and a lvl 36 Axton and i keep getting destroyed in TVHM with them. I just started a new game with Maya and I'm having a blast!! Maybe it's because the games easier in the beginning, or because my BA bonuses help? Whatever the case I'm gonna get her to TVHM and see if i can get any farther than where I'm at with my other characters.
4 years ago#2
She is not easier to use than the other two, you are getting destroyed because you need to constantly upgrade your equipment and change your tactics in TVHM.

1) make use of elemental weaknesses and slag
2) don't rush in
4 years ago#3
Maybe try some different builds with your other two.
I would say axton should be the easiest to play.
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4 years ago#4
I had an easy time with Maya. You just have to use your skill as a precursor to every battle, and keep your distance. It is almost a guaranteed kill when you grab someone, so I always go after the strongest foe first.
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4 years ago#5
Axton and Sal give me the least trouble
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4 years ago#6
Maya is among the easiest of characters to use in the game. Her AS is already useful on its own without upgrading it and most of the basic things such as gun damage, fire rate, additonal health, etc. are among the first available things in each of her skill trees.
4 years ago#7
She can also spam her AS really easily. With a cooldown relic and a good class mod you can phaselock faster than once every ten seconds! I spam my AS with Maya like it's going out of style. I built her with Ruin and Converge so it's like having a free, all element, slag, paralyzing grenade every 8 seconds or so. Very effective.
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4 years ago#8
Melee Maya is where it's at.
4 years ago#9
i actually found Maya by far to be the hardest character to survive with in TVHM. probably died 100 times with her while i twice with Zero and once with Axton. i guess a lot depends on playstyle / strategy / etc
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