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4 years ago#1
Ok, never done this and not a fan of doing it now but Im done.

I like farming for my own stuff on games but Ive been farming that douche bag captain flynt for days now and he still refuses to drop the gun for me.

Is there anyone out there that has a lvl 50 thunderball fist that would be willing to dupe for me? I have some legendaries that Id be willing to do the same w.

Conference call, veruc, hive( not leg but still rare and i love it lol, bee's, Storm Front, breath of terramorphous...
If interested just let me know. and it would very much appreciated

Xbox live gt - Hseraphimaj
4 years ago#2
I got two different versions of the Thunderball Fists. Evisceration and Binary. Interested in the Hive launcher. Which version you looking for? Send me an invite.

GT: iOutlawTorn
4 years ago#3
ill hook you up with the hive if you still need it and the thunderballs xbox: bunzilla
4 years ago#4
Hey srry, already got it.
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