New Let's Play Series, FRIENDLY FIRE, Started This Today

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Swordsman23 posted...
One thing I am noting is that you try too hard to be funny at times and get distracted. A bit of off topic discussion is fine, but keep in mind that people won't read through half a video of things. A few things to make the video more interesting is:

Make a few comments of characters you find interesting. Describe the classes a little bit.

Talk about creatures, tactics, or rather a lack of it.

Focus on missions and interesting things. No one wants to see you wander from location to location, but rather they would like to see interesting points of focus played out with your mad styles.

Try watching a star craft battle report form husky to make it interesting. He often makes comments off topic, but keeps it interesting. I know at this stage the game isn't at all interesting, since weapons are bland and all that, and having fun for you is the most importent thing. Just at the moment the cast is there, but it's difficult to geam anything informative at the moment.

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IMO, I enjoyed it somewhat. But as others have mentioned it's to much off-topic. I always like a bit of chaos and a crew that has some chemistry. But there is something wrong if you can put the audio under any other game and it work just as well.

Anyway, I'll watch a few more eps. And decide if I'll stick around.

Most important thing is you guys having fun with it, don't feel to bad about some the responses here.

Thanks for the constructive criticism, guys! It means a lot, and it helps us improve the show. We'll keep your advice in mind when we record this weekend.

We've got a new episode out today:

And for any Terraria fans, we started a new series:
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Our most recent episode, in which we finally reach Sanctuary. We made a real effort to keep our talking more centralized to the game itself and the game design, so be sure to tune in!
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Watched the first clip.

The main voice is camp. Saying 'spaz' is offensive. Saying bleep a lot is irritating. Then i gave up.
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jimmyCCFC posted...
Watched the first clip.

The main voice is camp. Saying 'spaz' is offensive. Saying bleep a lot is irritating. Then i gave up.

As I said, we're doing our best to improve the show. Watch one of our more recent episodes, see if they're more to your liking!
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In the latest episode, we discuss the Mechromancer's age. Oh dear.
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macdude55 posted...
No show starts out great; it takes time. This is a learning process, so we're doing our best to work out the kinks.

Latest episode, in which we tackle the various B-words:

A lot of shows start off great. Seinfeld, for example, was brilliant from the first episode.
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You ever watch "family matters"? That Urkel guy had it from like day one.
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My phone refuses to load the video. The hint is taken.
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