Shock and/or Fire Infinity

#1SeekerDestroyPosted 12/22/2012 4:42:02 PM
I own a regular level 50 infinity, but I'm looking for shock and fire versions. Any help please?

Not needed, but fire or shock bee would be sweet ( I also own a regular version of this)

Fail farmed for both on numerous days. :(
#2kmaldingonePosted 12/22/2012 4:58:41 PM
gt: kmalding1045

send invite i'll help ya out.
#3SeekerDestroy(Topic Creator)Posted 12/22/2012 5:05:23 PM
kk inc shortly.
#4SeekerDestroy(Topic Creator)Posted 12/22/2012 5:16:22 PM
got all that i needed thanks again! Thanks again Kmaldingone!
#5jcrr11Posted 12/23/2012 12:07:04 AM
care to share those infinitys? if so GT is StodgyHorse674