Free Relics, Grenade Mods, Shields, Class Mods, Cobras, Fibbers, Sand Hawks...

#1jenbecklerPosted 12/23/2012 10:07:22 PM
Send me a message on live and I'll invite you to go through my stuff in sanctuary. I can drop more as we go so if there are any special requests and I have it on that character it's all yours.
GT: JenMeister07
#2jenbeckler(Topic Creator)Posted 12/23/2012 10:08:01 PM
Dat fibber...
GT: JenMeister07
#3IGotDaMovesPosted 12/23/2012 10:14:40 PM
WWAR MableWhspr
Achievement Hunter 8)
#4Kylebe515Posted 12/23/2012 10:49:30 PM
Sent. You still doing this?
#5GohanixPosted 12/23/2012 11:15:05 PM
Thanks a lot.
GT - Gohanix
#6jenbeckler(Topic Creator)Posted 12/24/2012 12:11:10 AM
No problemo. Still going for about a half hour if anyone wants to check out what's left!
GT: JenMeister07
#7Smoksalot1Posted 12/24/2012 12:25:09 AM
message sent
#8lee_Posted 12/24/2012 12:29:20 AM
Sent you a message.
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#9Smoksalot1Posted 12/24/2012 12:38:22 AM
cool, thanks.