Commando Class Mods

#1drj898Posted 12/26/2012 6:07:07 AM
I'm level 32...just finished my first playthrough. (Thanks to *some* amazing people on this board who helped me out...)

Anyway, I'm stuck with old-ass class mods. Right now I have this build...

The current mod I had increased points on Sentry and Resourceful, but I found my health wasn't regenn'ing lol So I just have a level-even Pointman mod just to keep my health bouncing back.

What class mod do you guys suggest I get/find? Where can I get it?!?

I'm trying to make my sentry really powerful...hence why I'm not concentrating on the Gunpowder tree at all..

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#2Eternal KPosted 12/26/2012 6:32:49 AM
I would just take the points out of Grit and Forbearance and put them into Preparation. That'll cover your health regen needs while still allowing you to focus on class mods that up your turret's firepower.
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