The Weirdest Place You've Found an Orange Item

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3 years ago#31
shock babymaker dropped from Mick Zaford
that was unexpected
3 years ago#32
Orange drop of handsome jacks mask right next to the regular version of handsome jacks mask. It was my first legendary too. >.>
3 years ago#33
TotalEKlypz posted...
I'm on my 4th character. I've got everyone lvl 50 except a siren, here is a list of oranges I've found just naturally playing without farming:

Lvl 4 Bonus package
Lvl 13 Hand gun that shoots the electric Orb thing. Was in a chest in doing one of the firehawk missions.
lvl 30 Emperor Just randomly laying on the ground by where you blast Claptrap with the cannon
Lvl 28 Bee
lvl 32 Conference Call from the Warrior x2
lvl ?? White Death got it in a weapons chest after bloodwings head explodes
lvl 48 Rocket Launcher from King mong (forgot what its called)
lvl 50 Fire Bee grenade from Pete (first time fighting him lvl 50)

So this is 8 playthroughs plus random games I join. I'd say i've did every story line mission about 15 times.

Damn, you've found alot. I'm on my fourth playthrough and found only two. One early in my first playthrough and finally got a Volcano when I beat the last boss for the third time. You've got the luck-lol
3 years ago#34
Found a level 12 Conference Call in a green Dahl trashcan!
Noobs -_-
3 years ago#35
The game I am currently playing has been crazy, I kid you not I have gotten a random orange item out of 2 vending machine's and got the vault symbols on the slots 4 times. And it seems like all i get out of chests are blues and purples, I don't know wtf is going on but I'm ok with it.
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3 years ago#36
Lv 38 Bonus Package between Face McShooty's crotch region (kid you not, I shot him in the face, then I started to shoot a bunch of Buzzards -- I believe one of those just happened to drop it and yea....wish I had my Capture Card on that day....)
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3 years ago#37
Took a little break from my Mechromancer (main) to work on getting my Assassin to Sanctuary, and I got a Double Hornet out of an ice block before Knuckle Dragger.

Sure wish it could've waited to give me something at a higher level, but this'll be good for a few characters.
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