Legenaries to trade (Looking for elemental CCs especially)

#1SainleyPosted 12/26/2012 7:46:02 PM
I'm looking to dupe/swap/whatever for any legendaries you may have. I've tried getting a lot of them the old fassion way but that's taking way too long. :)

I'd especially like a fire or corrosive CC but will trade for any 50 legendaries I don't have. Even if they're the same but different elements.

I currently have (All level 50):

CLASS MOD - Slayer of Terramorphous (Gunzerker but i can get any of the other classes of you give me some notice to trade between my other characters).

SHIELD - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
SHIELD - Blast proof The Bee

SHOTGUN - Sinewy Flakker (explosive)
SHOTGUN - Critical Conference Call (electric)

SMG - Stoic Emperor
SMG - Impetuous HellFire (fire)

SNIPER - Fashionable Volcano (fire)
SNIPER - Night Pitchfork (electric)

PISTOL - Dependable Gunerang (corrosive)

I'll be on tonight but can log in (just message me). Xbox gamer tag -> Sainley