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4 years ago#21
Im off to bed. I tried to get everyone who requested. Thanks to all who helped me, Ill try more tomorrow and over the weekend. Ill do an updated list also when I get time.
4 years ago#22
No worries. Just so you know, I have a Maggie I can dupe. If anyone else wants and has some they are willing to dupe, let me know.
4 years ago#23
Ps. GT is TooTired989
4 years ago#24
I only have a few Legendary items but more than willing to trade or dupe.

GT: The FN Man1
4 years ago#25
Gt: Tulaig
4 years ago#26
GT Infectious 724
I have 94% sham legendary mechro and hunter mod i could dupe for you in return
4 years ago#27
Is this still going on?
JUS FC: 2921-4559-2925 DS Name: moosequito
4 years ago#28
Thank you so much for your help
4 years ago#29
Anyone interested in trading off or just dropping for me or anything send me a msg online. I have about anything you would want now. I have over 100 legendaries now, too many too list. Just msg me online. Ill get to u in the order of the msgs I get.

GT-WiLD Decimation
4 years ago#30
Good Day

Were looking for awesome goods,
Conference Call
Sledges shotgun
the sham
Bee shield
Legendary Mods

and any other if you can provide.

I'm a lvl 40=teiboi
my brother is lvl 50 he has some legendary guns=youth4xXRasTAXx

We are available after mainly after 4pm but my brother is online now.

We would really appreciate your kindness.

Happy New Year!
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