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4 years ago#31
Admittedly, I'm kind of surprised at Salvador's numbers in the poll. 0_o
Are you suggesting that moon should get off his ass and write some stories? He's like the Stephen King of gamefaqs. - Sorbz
4 years ago#32
If you use the BFF tree, you are someone's girlfriend. :P
4 years ago#33
I love Gaige but she's quickly become boring. I really want to use Maya as a support character but I don't play during the day due to work so I have very few people to play with. Zer0 needs to be more fun... Axton is fairly similar to Gaige. Salvador is a.. Beast.

Not sure who to play as. I'm thinking of just making new chars and playing with randoms. :T
4 years ago#34
Melee Maya, yo.
4 years ago#35
Supports people by love thumping them to death.
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