I'm getting owned in TVHM, my weapon sucks looks like !

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ysauve72 posted...
I beated the game on normal (at level 35) using level 30ish purple guns from golden key chest.

Now with these guns and equipement, like i said mostly level 30 purples i completly getting owned. I need to emply 3-4 clips just to kill a single mob. When i get hit my shield is gone in 2 hits.

I checked the shops in the starting area but it's mostly white trash, so i'm pretty much stuck there, you guys have any solution to my problem ?

Do the "white trash" guns have a higher damage rating than you're purple guns?

Chances are if the purple guns are level 30 there is a noticeable difference in damage output of a level 34 - 35 white gun.
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FrEshBrEadStiCk posted...
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Bravo sir, bravo....
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Exquisite topic.