Looking for level 30 ish legendaries, have plenty of level 50's for trade.

#1need4speed6448Posted 1/1/2013 3:20:05 PM
Looking for smg's/shotguns mostly. Maybe a sniper or pistol also.
#2need4speed6448(Topic Creator)Posted 1/1/2013 3:41:45 PM
#3NackunPosted 1/1/2013 9:46:58 PM
Hey, I just found a lvl 32 fashionable volcano sniper. You got any other 30-40 ish oranges you can dupe for trade? If not lemme kno what u got via xbox live. Send me a friend request and message

#4AllTerrainMTBPosted 1/1/2013 10:20:07 PM
what do you have? I just found a bladed emperor lvl 36 smg. u got the kawaii killer head or henry head?
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