Which skill tree is your least favorite/dislike the most for each character?

#11fat_irish_guyPosted 1/2/2013 8:34:21 PM
EmperorBlack posted...
Sal -> Gun Lust. The only skills that appeal to me from that side are Divergent Likeness and Money Shot. At least in my opinion, Sal is better off with a focus in Rampage (Gunzerk forever.) and left-over skills in Brawn.

Zero's damage bonuses from sniping are quite ridiculous...not sure how anyone could *not* like that unless they don't like sniping in the first place. I think he's better off with that at first, then flip it around late-game to a focus on Cunning with left-overs in Sniping. Bloodshed tree is the one that isn't really all that aside from "Execute", imo.

money shot is awful with the guns i have i can see it being goo with low clip guns but for me its a waste of a skill point
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Lol at people hating Brawn. It is epic if specced right
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Marsillio posted...
Gaige: Left and middle skill trees. They both kinda suck.

Tons of elemental damage and permanent DeathTrap suck? News to me.
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killbot357 posted...
Marsillio posted...
Gaige: Left and middle skill trees. They both kinda suck.

Tons of elemental damage and permanent DeathTrap suck? News to me.

To be fair, Derptrap is pretty bad against bosses, 'specially raid bosses. For Gaige to really contribute much there she's better off with a more her-focused build, and like it or not, Ordered Chaos allows her to output the best damage in general.

...Which isn't to say that it's any fun whatsoever, or that I use it. I love me some BFF/LBT. Just saying that for pure optimization it's not unfair to say that they aren't as good.
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Salvador: Gun Lust. I find most of the skills unappealing to me and you have to use pistols to make use of that tree and I rarely use pistols sometimes.

Maya: None. All three of her trees well balance.

Zer0: Sniping. I find this skill tree very weak because it really doesn't really help you much during TVHM and the last two tier aren't really helpful.

Axton: None. All three skill trees are well balance. I have a hard time which tree to use.

Gaige: Little Big Trouble. It is not a bad tree, it is just that I rarely get my hands on shock weapons to make full use of that tree.
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Maya: the left one
Zer0: the left one
Gunzerker: the left one
Axton: the left one
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Maya: Motion. I can't in good faith say Harmony since it has Res, which is invaluable for co-op play. Doesn't aid her really, but makes you so much more useful to a group overall. Otherwise, I don't mind Motion, just not that into Thoughtlock over Ruin.

Axton: Gunpowder. Don't care about the Nuke turret. Would never max this tree out in favor of not getting Double Up or Gemini, but mostly Double Up if anything. Though I guess if you don't like to rely on the turret, then Gunpowder is the way to go.

Sal: Gun Lust. I much prefer to either raise his ability to survive or make Gunzerking my priority. I don't really care much for his offense capability quite as much since when you dual wield good enough weapons, it won't really matter much to me.

Zero: Sniping. Although, I do tend to always go Cunning then Sniping rather than Cunning & Bloodshed. Only reason I wouldn't say Bloodshed is because it is way too much fun once you get Many Must Fall and can just chain kill a bunch of peons back to back without breaking deception for a while. Although, it is the most situational build there is, since you can't count on it for every enemy in the game and the other two trees would help you a ton more where gunplay is desired.

Gaige: LBT. It can be good, but I tend to like using BFF the most since I like having an indefinite DT for normal exploration and I can use Ordered Chaos to help Gaige with her own damage at the same time. And LBT does not have good enough synergy with BFF that I find. I could still take Anarchy with LBT, but without Discord, I'd rather not even bother. And I could just not use Anarchy....but I ain't gonna. :/