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4 years ago#1
How do yall,

Im looking for a few weapons that refuse to drop for me willing to dupe trade anything I have for them.

Have: slag Norfleet. skullsmasher, all Infinity pistol types, legendary and slayer assassin mods, fire, normal and corrosive Bee, Black hole, hide of terramorphus & his grenade lots of diff CC's, umm this is off the top of my head many more I cant remember.

Looking for
The Emporer
Thunderball Fists
Electric ***** "ugg female dog gun" dang censor hope you know smg from the Bunker
electric Deliverance
Electric Norfleet
stormfront or Electric Leech Grenade
Lvl 50 Wired Zapper or shock elemental damage relic

Tryin to gear out my Mechromancer

Give me a hollar yall
GT: Rattiestwhale
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