Unlocking Infested Warehouse in Caustic Caverns?

#1speedofsoundPosted 1/5/2013 12:24:39 AM
I scoured the internet, and there's no mention of anyone else having this issue, but I can't open any doors leading to the Infested Warehouse area of the Caverns. I did Safe and Sound, and I got Hammerlock's quest like 5 levels ago, but I can't complete it because I can't reach the last three ECHOs. I'm level 23. What am I missing, here? Any help would be really appreciated.
#2speedofsound(Topic Creator)Posted 1/5/2013 12:28:02 AM
Just to be clear - the valves near the doors are red and don't move. It's not that I didn't try them.
#3MunchkinatorPosted 1/5/2013 12:29:42 AM
If we're talking about the same thing, you have to be on the mine cart quest; once you push the kart to each of the airlocks (doors) some mechanized voice tells you to open them and THEN you can hit the switches.
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#4AlleRacingPosted 1/5/2013 12:30:14 AM
Uh... Only one of the ECHOs is behind any sort of door you need to open, and that door near the spiderants is not locked. The only locked doors are accessed via the Minecart Mischief quest, which starts in Caustic Caverns.
#5StormWolf12Posted 1/5/2013 12:31:24 AM
I'd try save quitting and reloading. There are several sticky doors in the game which can require this fix.

Luckily, as annoying as it is, this process usually fixes the problem.
#6speedofsound(Topic Creator)Posted 1/5/2013 12:35:25 AM
It's possible these doors were opened for you the first time you reached the caverns - every video walkthrough I've seen shows them open, even when proceeding directly from Hammerlock when he gives the quest. I can't reach the exclamation point for Minecart Mischief. That area of the map is beyond the Infested Warehouse, and the giant Dahl doors to that area - the ones very close to the fast travel station are closed, and won't open.
#7speedofsound(Topic Creator)Posted 1/5/2013 12:42:17 AM
I tried save quitting and reloading, but still nothing. The valve to open the doors is still red, and won't turn when I use it. Again, these are the doors just past the very first varkid nests near the fast travel.
#8abombt7Posted 1/5/2013 12:43:11 AM
this game is so glitchy you might have come across an undiscovered one unfortunately
#9jenbecklerPosted 1/5/2013 12:43:40 AM
Go all the way around. You're not supposed to be able to use the first door until you open it from the other side.
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#10LaharPosted 1/5/2013 12:44:01 AM
So you did or didn't push a cart? The cart will allow you to open the airlocked doors to the warehouse.

You say those two doors by the fast travel station are closed.. Maybe I'm misunderstanding but might you be trying to make a direct beeline from the fast travel to the waypoint for Minecraft Mischief? To reach the cart's starting point you go around the map, Oozing Discharge -> Rumbling Shore -> Guardian Ruins.
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