Explosive commando build?

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2 years ago#1
Any suggestions or examples for equipment or skills would be great!
2 years ago#2
This is what I am currently running with a Legendary Class Mod. I run with a Plump Kerblaster, DP Unkempt Harold, Tumtum Cobra, Pertinent Norfleet, 25% Explosive relic (looking for a better one) and a Deadly Bloom shield. This setup will melt faces all day long. The Harold is a bit OP in this setup, so I typically only switch to it when I am getting overwhelmed and only to dig myself out. Otherwise I stick with the Kerblaster as my main gun, but it is dangerous to use as you can easily kill yourself with it if you aren't careful.

GT: Xero Kogari
2 years ago#3
Ok, so far I've got a KerBlaster, dp Harold, a non elemental plasma caster and a 30% explosives relic. I'll probably go with a Nukem or a ravager for my fourth
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  3. Explosive commando build?

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