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4 years ago#1
Hi, I am looking for the Dva infinity in all flavors, with a high fire rate, around 9.0.

I have A LOT to trade, such the infinity with 10,4 fire rate in all flavors. I also have Every head/skin in the game. And legendaries, alot of them, I collect the ones with best stats, for example I have an impaler with 60 000 shield capacity and a sham with 94%. That goes for all legendaries I have, so i do not just have legandaries I have legendaries with top of the line stats.

And i have to say this now, I do not want anything else than the Dva infinities, so there is no need for you to pm me or message here if i can trade for something else. If you are looking for something create an LF tread and maybe people will respond to it, I sometimes do give aways.

Thank you for respecting this.
4 years ago#2
It should say, I sometimes do giveaways as so many others do, but that is when I create a topic about it or say so. This is not one of those topics.

4 years ago#3
4 years ago#4
4 years ago#5
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