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Best Jakobs Sniper & Pistol

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4 years ago#1
What is the best Jakobs sniper & pistol and how do i get them?
4 years ago#2
Maggie and Skullsmasher. Maggie drops from Mick Zaphod if you side with the Hodunks in clan war, skullsmasher drops from son-of-mothrakk in the Wildlife Preserve after killing the story boss there.
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4 years ago#3
Idk about that anymore, as the Bee nerf had an unintended side effect that causes ALL multi pellet weapons to be severely nerfed to the point some are reduced to nerf guns. Maggie especially, kinda got nerfed into oblivion. Word of warning.

Also the Law and Order combo can make a melee build Zer0 a god.
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4 years ago#4
Buffalo is still very badass. Highest damage sniper rifle, especially on criticals. The Cobra is also great.
4 years ago#5
The buffalo is more like a M1 garand.
4 years ago#6
havok718 posted...
The buffalo is more like a M1 garand.

Which is why it's so awesome.
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4 years ago#8
I hate to be that guy who jumps on the bandwagon but the buffalo is downright insane! Damage? Check. Jacobs? Check. Sniper with no scope?!? Hell yes. As far as pistols, Maggie is still pretty damn awesome. Who cares about the bee? Maggie's in town.
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4 years ago#9
Buffalo for a main rifle. Up your reload times to use it well. I find it works really well as a weapon for Zer0 using his skill that ups the damage of the first bullet fired. Get into a habit of reloading after every shot and you can one-hit most enemies on criticals. Aside from that I use a "very rare" purple Jacob's rifle for long range. Admittedly it isn't an awesome find, I made it. It's a legit weapon, but I couldn't get the dumb generator to give me the combination I needed. I had to combine parts from Jacob's and Vladof just right to get what I wanted, and the game kept messing me over. This rifle is the perfect balance of firepower, mag size, firerate, zoom, and accuracy. Really made the game fun once I finished it!
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4 years ago#10
Have you met Muckamucks? They are non-legendary blue or purple Jacobs snipers. And they rock. They are a random drop/find but I usually find at least a few each PT. Good damage, decent reload time, and damn fine accuracy. If you're lucky enough to get the Tumtum version, it will give you a critical hit bonus. That's my favorite model.
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