Here's the reason I don't dupe...

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User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

4 years ago#11
VampLordAdamaru posted...
Argyle_Gargoyle posted...
poor poor vamp.

saw you on over the weekend. let me know if you ever want to play. i think we are close to around the same level. i was just shy of 30 on my zero when i shut it off last night

I do actually have a couple guys I play with regularly, and the real reason is that I don't really have much of duping-value... It's just funnier with the Forever Alone reasoning. XD

agreed. im definitely a forever alone type. especially when it comes to games. i actually really enjoy BL2 SP
Crazy? Crazy with low prices on Wind Brahmin. You buy one!!

User Info: xHuckleberry

4 years ago#12
VampLordAdamaru posted...
killbot357 posted...
You can dupe single player, snake.

But there's no reason to do it single, snake...

Actually, the only reason i do dupe is to have a copy of legendary gear incase something happens to what i use.

I lost my first CC and B*tch from god knows what. So i wont make that mistake again
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