Its Impossibe to get rid of patch 1.02

#1sneak522Posted 1/7/2013 11:49:12 PM
Hey all,
I just wanted to make a quick post letting those of you know my experiences with trying to Un-Patch this game on my 360.

1st: I unplugged my ethernet cable.
2nd: I deleted all of the Comparability pack data.
3rd: I deleted my system's Content Cache
4th: I moved my saves to a USB stick.
5th: I tested by starting a new game and got to Flesh-Stick. (a known pre-patch exploit)
Flesh Stick offered his patch 1.02 value of around 100xp and not 1000+ pre patch value.

Before people start to flame and hate on this post let me say that the purpose of this thread is to bring awareness to those that think that u can unpatch this game.
I have had absolutely ZER0 luck trying to unpatch this game.
This is a bit of an issue since seeing how the patch breaks more than it fixes.
It appears that the patch links itself to your gamertag.
I still had my BadA$s ranks as well as still suffered from the patch effects even when playing OFFline with no BL2 content on my 360.

Unless someone knows a 100% proven way to unpatch this game besides deleting the content cache it appears as if this patch is hear to stay even on OFFline games..