Is there another character in development? Also, Gaige question.

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Organized Chaos is probably the most difficult skill tree to use in the game,

LOL, killbot needs a firmware update.

Difficult in terms of how complicated it is compared to everyone else's skill trees, BigSal.

I'd say you're right on that one. It's definitely a high risk-reward scenario. Hard to utilise, but dominating if you can.

I've not gotten far with her, but I like the look of the shock one best.
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I'm going to be the guy who says this.

It's "Ordered" Chaos
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Ordered Chaos can actually be pretty broken. All you need is Close Enough from the BFF's tree, and as long as you're in the ballpark (Facing in the right direction) stuff dies, especially if you're using a Shotgun or a Maggie.

Otherwise, BFFs tree just makes it easier to not die horribly, and get away with really crappy equipment. With Fancy Mathematics, that shield recharge delay nerf on the Bee becomes negligible if you're hurt.
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