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My Kpt_Kapowski inspired give away

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  3. My Kpt_Kapowski inspired give away
2 years ago#1
In a little while I will drop hundreds of items from heads and skins to E-Tech's to Legendary's(including class mods, grenades, shields, and guns) anyone will be free to join my game and take anything they wish.

Also later I will be available to help anyone with Pete, Hyperius, Terra...whoever

And, after that I will be taking requests to dupe anything ingame that you would want/need if I do not have it I will get it.

So everyone can thank Kpt_Kapowski for my inspiration to do this.
2 years ago#2
Alright I'm In GT:Justinvice123
2 years ago#3
Im in GT: bomberman182
Iron Man/Nova/Ammy
2 years ago#4
What is your gamer tag? I can donate a few legendary's I don't want.
GT: K1llerInst1nctz
2 years ago#5
Count me in.

GT: brianvolk42
2 years ago#6
my GT is same as here I am currently dropping everything in my game when I am done I will be inviting people to my game.

3 at a time and if anyone wants to contribute to the piles message me and I will invite you first.
2 years ago#7
Please invite.
GT: REdrUM0351
2 years ago#8
Invite me and I will contribute a few.
GT: K1llerInst1nctz
2 years ago#9
I will be logging off of here and going strictly on live, so if anyone wants an invite message me on XBL gt same as here.

I will not accept friend requests though.

and before anyone asks, Yes you can send me a message without a friend request.
2 years ago#10
How do you message with a friend request?
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  3. My Kpt_Kapowski inspired give away

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