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3 years ago#41
KarnageWolf413 posted...
Shultz211 posted...
KarnageWolf413 posted...
so no online play till tomorrow?

Pretty much unless ur a lucky one that hasn't got effected by it

heres the kicker for me. i play with my girlfriend and she, knowing our luck, will have a problem too

Mine stopped working at noon east pacific time
GT: Shultz211
3 years ago#42
that stinks man
3 years ago#43
Same thing with my game cant download and i removed it and tried to download again and NOTHING wtf is this nonsense..
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3 years ago#44
F me in the a no L this is garbage. Hope it's fixed by tomorrow
GT- Innersmoke
3 years ago#45
Is it possible this is the wrong comp pack and the right one isn't up yet...

It's the same exact size as the last pack, unless they're all the same size.
Oh, you thought they made this game for you? You clearly bought the wrong game.
3 years ago#46
From Twitter:

Aiming to have the Compatibility Pack download error some are experiencing on Xbox 360 fixed within the next few hours. More as we have it.
3 years ago#47
Is everyone having issues with downloading the new comp pack? I have not played the game since very early this morning.
3 years ago#48
Grrr! I should be hunting stuff by now!
3 years ago#49
Had just gotten two Vermivorous' to spawn when my game froze up...when I rebooted I ran into the compatability patch problem. Looks like no norfleet or heads for me.
3 years ago#50
i continued my game save/quit and it asked me again and its up to 38%, will update if it works
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