What did YOU get from the special event weekend?

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3 years ago#21
From: demaka | #019
I'm now convinced that Verm is a myth made up by the internet to taunt me. I've tried since noon to get him to spawn. Can't get past Badass Varkids.

1. Go to Hyperius Arena (no need to fight him, or even spend the 8 Eridium)
2. Return to Tundra Express
3. ???
4. Profit
3 years ago#22
Sledge's Shotgun on first kill
Fire Bee and Fastball grenades from Pete
Cobra from a friend who got it during event.
Nothing from Verm because compatibility pack borked my online :(
3 years ago#23
A headache
3 years ago#24
Just got 3 norfleets

2 verms in caustic, 1 in tundra

I was kinda surprised how big that bastard is lol
3 years ago#25
Absolutely nothing because Gearbox was never very specific on just what we should be looking for.

Oh, you say more powerful sniper rifles are dropping? That's fine, just tell us where to look for them. Wait, you mean ALL sniper rifles are now more powerful than before just for this day? Ok that's great, now show me the comparisons between a level 50 Auditing Morningstar today and a level 50 Auditing Morningstar from any other day...
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3 years ago#26
DMBHovDog posted...

I was kinda surprised how big that bastard is lol

Green Bay Packers 2012: 12-6 :(
3 years ago#27
Wasn't trying but I got a gentle deliverence from pimon and tumba. Then I got a homing electric leech from the warrior. In random lobbies I came across a hornet in the chests in the pirate dlc and an impaler with the warrior.
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3 years ago#28
I got a Norfleet. It's all I could ever ask for, considering I've gotten everything else from Pete.

I was really giddy to see it drop from Vermivorous.
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3 years ago#29
absolutely nothing, since my brother accidentally erased every save game file off of my xbox......and have since needed to restart every game i ever played, starting with BL2. but i did manage to lvl up to 20 again.....
3 years ago#30
One Skullsmasher from the Warrior, one Gentleman's volcano from the Warrior, one Hellfire from Scorch. Pretty good for the limited amount of farming I actually did.
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