Season pass is starting to be a huge rip off...

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killbot357 posted...
weird, I wonder if people would complain about t the quality of the DLC no matter what the content was?

weird, I wonder if people would defend this quality of DLC no matter what the content was?
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If there is no Underdome, then the season pass will be a rip off.
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I loved borderlands 2, i literally played the f*** out of borderlands 2 but tbh the DLC's are a huge letdown..

*It felt so repetitive considering you couldn't level or progress any further in the game. The best part about borderlands 2 for me was leveling up and trying out my new skill achieved or tweaking my character to how i wanted it, but at level 50 there isn't much to do but grind and farm weapons that you can just get from one of your friends/dupe.

*3 DLCs later and i still feel like the weapons are crap. In the last 3 DLCs i might of felt that only 3 or 4 weapons in each DLC were carry worthy. Come on... Pink weapons are a f****** joke.

*The lack of content is kind of funny.. If you look at other games, the DLCs always implement some kind of new content whether it'd be crafting or a new character to use, or maybe even pvp. All these DLCs do are unlock new raid bosses and new areas of the map. With the exception of some mediocre weapons.

*The simple fact is that borderlands 2 is boring as hell now.. I too bought the season pass and was utterly letdown. (this is just my opinion) there is no PVP in the game except for dueling, Co-op is boring as hell when your level 50 or have no friends to play with, and the DLCs are just doing missions to get to the raid bosses which are freaking easy after someone finds and exploit, or impossible without one...
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I liked all the DLCs. I didn't get great loot, but its a great way to get out of the same old after you've played the story so many times.
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How is this not locked yet? Let it die already.
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Season pass sale on PSN ATM which costs 11.99 which is a pretty decent price and I bought the game for 25 which includes Gaige.
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Hey guys, maybe if you guys complain about our complaints some more we will stop having opinions and voicing them.
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Wait, so people buy things without even knowing what they are?

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