Season pass is starting to be a huge rip off...

#21resealablePosted 1/15/2013 10:57:49 AM
Well to bad you already got it. I got the map pack thing for halo 4 and then picked up borderlands 1. thanks to borderlands 2 I couldn't name you any dlc from halo 4 even if my life depended on it. You lose some and you win some. Move on.
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#22Mysticman89Posted 1/15/2013 11:02:41 AM
You didn't need to get the season pass before the DLC actually came out.

Assuming DLC 4 will be bad and that DLC 5 will be great (or even exist) is hardly fair when I don't believe there's been official word on either. DLC4 may end up being so good that it justifies the cost of the season pass by itself.
#23Johnny_NutcasePosted 1/15/2013 11:03:22 AM
Yeah this DLC bit the big one hard. Same enemies with new skins... big whoop. Hover boat is basically the sandskiff with a different skin... damn things don't even have horns (laaaazy). Main campaign can be beaten in like 30-45 minutes, I know because I just did it in that time.

For $30 the season pass was worth it, but this DLC again, bit the big one.
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I just want a level cap increase
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Mixorz posted...

blindly defending

Stop using the word 'blindly' unless you're using it in an applicable situation. This is not one. People who disagree with you are not 'blind.'
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vigorm0rtis posted...
Mixorz posted...

blindly defending

Stop using the word 'blindly' unless you're using it in an applicable situation. This is not one. People who disagree with you are not 'blind.'

This is a good point. Don't why people are feeling ripped off when it comes to season passes in any game. I generally find most DLC in many games to be average at best whether I pre paid for it or as it just comes out afterwards. I did not get the season pass but one positive is at least I would have gotten all the DLC cheaper if I did even if it is kind of blase.
#28Gandalf the IstariPosted 1/15/2013 11:39:39 AM
I picked it up when it was on sale for 22$ I think that's worth it, especially since I got the game for 35 on black friday, not really into paying more than 60$ for a total package.
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Yochodo posted...
Since you obviously have a hard time interpreting basic English, ill try to spell it out further.

See, comments like this are why you are ****ing stupid

Torgue had a lot of fun moments and quests, the other two do not, and are boring because of it

Wow, thanks for ELABORATING. This TOTALLY helped me understand. Thank you TC. You must not have trouble interpreting basic English!

you didn't name any quests, any specifics, and honestly the gameplay in ALL THREE DLC'S are pretty identical, and if you deny that

lmfao what an idiot

Torgue himself was a better character than any introduced or featured in the Pirate DLC. Love or hate them, Moxxi and Tina are two characters that have a sizable fanbase and both were featured in Campaign of Carnage. I found the first DLC to be a complete bore and full of uninteresting characters and no weapons worth noting. Never liked Hammerlock, but I'll pass judgment after I've finished the dlc.
#30xzMasteRzxPosted 1/15/2013 11:52:05 AM
Ok, let's face it. The DLC is short. It was pretty bad for $10. Some stuff was good, but man, they could have done alot more. But the fact that you get this DLC and the other 2, as well as the next one, free, made it all worth it.

I mean, you spent $30. You would've wasted it on crap anyways, so mine was well waste it on this. At least it's a productive buy.

What I hate is that I wish they put a level increase in one of them. The reason I say this is not to be a raging little kid saying "I WAHNT LEVEL UP NOA!", but unlike Borderlands 1, this is way fast paced. They had almost made this an MMO with farming and all that. So now this needs to be upgraded alot more than the last one, and that's what I think they're failing at: Upkeeping on the interest.

People play this game to have fun and have a good time. This 3rd DLC did that, in a cheap way, but still in a funny way. So the problem isn't that the Season Pass was a ripoff. I love Gearbox, and Borderlands. I farm everyday and play alot. But they're getting lazy. They need to get up and do some work.
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