Since there's new dlc, I will power level some people tonight.

#1gangoplushPosted 1/15/2013 3:04:15 PM
As always, I'm going to start off by mentioning that I will not respond to anyone crying about cheating or modding. I am making this topic only to help people. With that said, I will go ahead and post the details.

Only tonight 6-8 pm est. I can level you from 1-50 in the amount of time it takes me to pull the trigger. I have made several topics on gamefaqs doing this and have helped several hundred people do this. Send me a message (not a friend request) on xbox live and I will invite people in the order that I receive them in. Also, I will not invite people that leave responses to this topic. I am only doing this tonight so please don't be sending me messages about this 2 weeks from now. I changed my gamertag. for a reference, it used to be bad fn luck. now it is DeeeeeeeeeeeK
#2Super EspioPosted 1/15/2013 3:07:52 PM
You mean you use a cheat/glitch to instantly level someone to 50? I may be interested for one of my characters.
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