Need some damage dealing Mercs to help with Voracidous

#1innersmokePosted 1/16/2013 11:20:43 AM
I'm rocking my healing siren, so I got your back with res and healing
GT- Innersmoke
#2aznghostbusterPosted 1/16/2013 11:23:13 AM
I'll help you out. GT's TheLoveFister.
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#3ChaosJohnsonPosted 1/16/2013 4:36:31 PM
send me an invite should be on for the next hour
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#4TheMercenary544Posted 1/16/2013 4:58:01 PM
Havent started the dlc but if your still working on it Ive got a bored 50 axton with some heavy heat.
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