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4 years ago#1
If I buy the season pass I get access to the 4 DLC that will be released but do I get free access to the mecromancer pack or the creature dome or the collotors edition stuff also?

Or just the 4 DLC ?
4 years ago#2
Just the 4dlc. The other stuff comes with the gamestop pre-order bonus.
4 years ago#3
At this point you have two choices: either get in and get the season pass (you'll have to buy Mecromancer and the extra), or wait a while for the GOTY version, which will probably have ALL the DLC bundled in (including the Mecromancer).

Honestly, for me the deciding factor is if your friends are playing it. If so, yeah it's fun because you'll have friends to play with. But if you're going to solo it, just wait.

If you didn't play BL1, go ahead and pick up the GOTY version, it's been on sale often.
4 years ago#4
Or make an AG account and get the season pass for free, unless GB fixed that little loophole. Then all you need to do is buy Gaige (which is 100% worth it btw, hands down my fav character)
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4 years ago#5
whats AG I would liek the season pass for free?
4 years ago#6
Argentina, it was a while back, but the season pass was a free download for that region. Someone had posted on reddit that by doing the ole new gamertag and downloading via that one but playing on your main would allow access to the 4 DLC campaigns.

But like I said I'm not exactly sure if Gearbox or Microsoft has done something or found someway around people doing that.
GT: Social Sin
Fanboys = The bane of any intelligent individual

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