It there a special way to kill the stalker boss in the new dlc?

#1MoneyRulez21Posted 1/17/2013 1:47:46 AM
Mean dam I been trying to kill him and keep getting beasted on as there's two bosses in there! That electricy crap he keeps shooting and then the stalker all up my butt nd wont get off so I'm always down or dying. Is there a secret I don't know to help me kill them?
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#2zodiaccurse12Posted 1/17/2013 1:53:48 AM
Shock weapons on the Chief guy, kill him 1st then spread out. Shock weapon the Ver Stalker shields down, then work on his health. Have a Siren long distance phase revive allies while other 3 draw his attention while shooting him.

ps. bring infinity or class mods/relics with ammo regen it is a long fight around 45min-1hr 30mins
#3Bankjob623Posted 1/17/2013 2:00:46 AM
Start off blasting him with fire and when shields go up switch to electric the chief doesn't hit to hard and can be ignored. when the chief transfers his shield ti the stalker you can easily kill the chief then re focus on the stalker till his shield is down and try not to kill the midgets that spawn after the chief dies as they only do melee damage and are best saved for second wind.

You can also try not killing the chief as he will take his shield back after some time has gone bye or he gets damaged not sure wich bit then the stalker won't have a shield for awhile.

Anyways hopefully this helps good luck.