Maya Heads/Skins

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Hey all,

Firstly, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who helped me out the other day when I was looking for some legendaries. There was another person who offered help (he/she mentioned that he/she was a Final Fantasy buff as well, because I had mentioned FFXIII in my post) and if you somehow come across this I want you to know I did not ignore you but my post got deleted because I didn't censor my swear words well enough and did not take your GT down to add you.

Ok sorry but I just wanted to clear that up for that person. Anyways I am only missing like 7 heads (and a load of skins but I won't bother to ask people to dupe me a bunch of those since I think it would be a hassle for the person) and if anyone could dupe me the Maya heads Cold Steel, Creeper Slayer, Kawaii Killer, Pretty in Punk, Shrapnel Slayer, Till Death do us Part, Trigger Pull and the Special Edition head, I would greatly appreciate it and could dupe some weapons if I have one you need/want.
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Also, while I'm here, if anyone has a Legendary Siren Class Mod from Vermivorous I would appreciate it being duped. I in turn can give you something if I have what you're looking for.
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do you have the frozen wrath or wrath skin? ill trade it for the class mod
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AmazingPandaMan posted...
do you have the frozen wrath or wrath skin? ill trade it for the class mod

Sorry I don't, I would like those as well lol. I haven't even gotten Big Game Hunt yet.
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Bumpity bump.
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Bumpity Bibity Boo Bump.
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I have the legendardy siren class mod For you My gt JillBrainwashed
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