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4 years ago#1
Hello everyone,

I'm looking for an E-tech Maliwan Shock Plasma caster, preferably Consummate.

I have a few other Plasma Casters I can trade for it:

Tedior Corrosive Refill Plasma Caster ~6513dmg

Tedior Corrosive Brisk Plasma Caster ~6338dmg

Maliwan Fire Impetuous Plasma Caster ~6207dmg

Hyperion Slag Analytical Plasma Caster ~6645dmg

This trade is lvl 50 items only please.
4 years ago#2
I can trade you in a few mins.
4 years ago#3
Thanks I'll send you an invite. What did you want to trade for?

GT: Shadow of d00m
4 years ago#4
I'd like to trade some with you if your still doing trades.

I have a:

Tediore Refill Plasma Caster ( Shock ) ~ 6358 DMG

Bandit Agresive Plasma Caster ( Slag ) ~ 5670 DMG
4 years ago#5
Got your Lvl 50 Consumate Shock Plasma Caster. Hit me up.

GT: LDK ShockeR
4 years ago#6
LDKShockeR care to dupe?
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