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User Info: AllTerrainMTB

4 years ago#1
So I'm looking for as many heads and skins as I can get for my siren mostly the rare's as I already have 68 of the 90 skins and 15 of the 20 heads. Anyone willing to dupe the heads and skins I'm missing I can return the favor with the legend's I have.

Righteous Infinity
DVA Infinity
Trick Shot Maggie
Dynamic Logan's Gun
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold

Agresive Slagga
Bladed Emperor
Corporate B****
Hefty Baby Maker
E-Tech - Cutting Edge Yellow Jacket

Practicable Conference Call
Potent Flakker
Sidewinder Striker

Assault Rifle:
Only have the 1 Rhythmic KerBlaster

Sniper Rifle's:
Purple - Tumtum Muckamuck
Damage 31300
Accuracy 97.6
Fire Rate 2.6
Reload Speed 4.0
magazine Size 9
+ 15% Weapon Damage
+ 180% Crit Hit Damage

E-Tech - Auditing Hybridfication + Corrode
- Gromky Moloko + Slag
for Legend's I have:
Chikamin Skullmasher
Auditing Invader

Big Badaboom 90003x6
Deep a Nukem 381143
Plenteous Norfleet 219359x3

Seraph - Evolution
Inflammable The Bee
Grounded The Bee
The Cradle

Blue - Rough Rider
Capacity - 0
Damage Resistance - +20%
Max Health +17487
(It takes more than that to kill a bull Moose)
Increases Max Health
Increases resistance to all damage types

Grenade Mod's:
E-Tech Lobbed Breath of Terramorphous
Legend - Rolling Thunder

Also have the Blood Of Terra Relic

Slayer Of Terra Mod's for Siren and Mechro
legendary Mod's for Commando and Siren

Send me a Friend Request
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