Gunzerker thoughts - How to balance max 'zerking time with survivability and DPS

#11atomicbreathPosted 1/18/2013 10:08:59 AM
i was playing around with a variety of builds for my gunzerker. I use mainly fast-firing pistols with an occasional smg. Right now, I am running a 16/26/3 build with the focus on Rampage/gun lust. I use to play mainly Rampage/Brawn but enjoyed doing the extra damage with the gun lust tree.

I usually run with something like this with a legendary mod/ammo regen. With the boss fights, there usually isn't a lot of adds to kill so I dropped the kill skills.

I liked using money shot but found that it worked best with high-damage/low mag weapons. since I was using high-fire rate weapons, I felt like I got more out of placing those points in other things.

For any build, it's hard to pass up 'hard to kill' since it give both +hp and +hp regen. I think that helps balance survivability with the damage in the gun lust tree. If you wanted more survivability, you would put more points into incite/juggernaut and aint got time to bleed.

This is by no means definitive, its just what I've enjoyed doing/discovered for my gear/playstyle.
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meltor13 posted...
captain_tylor posted...
Nice build for boss killing, I guess. For regular gameplay I prefer something with Inconcievable+5or6

I haven't really ran into any ammo issues...I've never invested into either of those skills. Why do you prefer them?

With them you can use Vladof snipers as SMGs and/or go crazy with rockets.
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Meltor, here is the build I use with legendaries and seraphs:

If you shoot me a message I can dupe my stuff for you. The above build is amazing for DPS and survivability with the correct gear.

My GT it TitianPath3