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4 years ago#21
I would love to get my hands on the new DLC weapons...I can dupe just about anything you are looking for in return if you want.
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4 years ago#22
Yes Give Me ALL Dlc 3 Weapons I'll DUpe Anything you Want In My Bank In Return My Friend GT:JUstinvice123
4 years ago#23
kmaldingone posted...
hey bro, i've been looking. for yellow jacket, chopper ( non-ele,fire,shock,corrosive), and a 50k elephant gun.

U on friends list already hit me up
4 years ago#24
I'm Looking For All THe DLC 3 GUns I'll Send You A Friend Request
4 years ago#25
havethe dlc gear as well, have 9k*20 hydra 15k cowboy 50k elephant gun and a pair of choppers, non and cor maybe we could look at what the other has? see whos is better..... dont remember the dmg on the yellowjacket, didnt like the weapon and found no use in a non tediore plasma caster
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4 years ago#26
guess i should add that 1 i dont have a twister and 2 i wont be on for another 3.5-4hrs. at work atm
--- gt Final Cry Havoc ---
4 years ago#27
Also looking for having a siren power-leveled...
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4 years ago#28
I am looking for white deaths any elements around 20k dam for trade for dlc weapons / items post if u have
4 years ago#29
i need all but the chopper, yellow jacket, siren head, and the shotguns i have pretty much every legendary item including heads
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4 years ago#30
i need all new weapons from the new dlc i have alot of oranges to give you in return
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