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GOcegueda posted...
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You still powering?

Dude I already got to you. Let me help others.

I was asking because you might have some insights as to why my soldier is stuck at claptraps place with no fast travel points except for the dlc starting areas

Its because you started a new character and you need to do the missions

My Zero is lvl 50 and I've finished up through 2.5 with him.
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is it to late to get in on this?
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thanks a million
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Any chance you're still doing this? Just got some free time to get on, if it's still happening.
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How long does it take to do ?
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Sorry dudes but Im closed for today. I'll get to the rest tomorrow!!!
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Alrighty :) Thanks in advance for the help dude :)
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id appreciate it
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Need powering level me