Easy leveling in TVHM?

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User Info: LifeIsABigGame

4 years ago#11
I don't understand why u r getting ur @$$ destroyed with axton. When I was using him it seemed for me like everything was still easy for me. It might b that I had two turrets and rockets shooting at all the enemies. Try to repesc ur axton if u want to it might help out killing most of the mobs if not all of them
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User Info: kiwimyweewee

4 years ago#12
Varkid pods
They're not going to say no because of the implication.

User Info: captain_tylor

4 years ago#13
Bar Brawl in Torge's DLC is very nice way to get some levels. Otherwise, doing some circles in Steam&Power/Bloodshot/Lynchwood/Caustic Caverns is fun option too.
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