LF a few things (quasar, shredifier, infinities, legendary mechro mod)

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4 years ago#1
I am looking for the following things:

lvl 50 Quasar grenade mod with 0.0 fuse or close to that (preferably sticky longbow, longbow, or lobbed. not rubberized)
lvl 50 non elemental shredifier with torgue or vladof sights
Lvl 50 legendary mechromancer class mod
Lvl 50 shock infinity
Lvl 50 corrosive infinity
Lvl 45 non elemental infinity

(only looking for infinities with jakobs, maliwan, or no sights at all. I will consider torgue and dahl sights.)

This is what i have to trade (all lvl 50 unless otherwise specified):

Klook skullmasher
Purging infinity
Burning Infinity (fire)
Bowie Maggie
Two-fer maggie
Dobby White death
Skookum Cobra
Corporate Bitc*
Doc's Striker
Sledge's shotgun
Two for One gunerang
Twin hornet
Scalable conference call (fire)
Royal Deliverance
Cohesion Longbow
Rocket Speed Bunny (fire)
Perma-Sharp Baby Maker
Guileless Hellfire
Murdering Slagga
Fire Fire Teeth of Terramorphous
Sunny Blockhead
Big Badaboom (lvl 48)
Deft Emperor
Dandy Volcano
Horse Hammer Buster
Cartel Pitchfork
Rabid Shredifier (slag)
Sublime Chére-amie (corrosive)
Puissant Norfleet (fire)
Expansive Shredifier (shock)
Dva Infinity
Sapping Sand Hawk (shock)
Vengeful Infinity (10.4 RoF)
Tumtum Muckamuck
Puissant Norfleet (shock)
Gunstock Maggie
Restructuring Slow Hand (shock)
Nifed Madhous! (corrosive)
Cutting Edge Bitc* (slag)
Attack Veruc
Hard Unkempt Harold
Close Quarters Hornet
Win-win Logan's Gun
Surfeit Thunderball Fists
Tumtum Elephant Gun
Ornery Hydra
Potent Thunderball Fists
Two fer Rex
Desperate Flakker
Potent Flakker
Practicable Conference Call
Stopping Emperor
Bulets Go Fasterifed Slagga
Rabider Gub
Analytical Yellow Jacket (shock)
Sir Hammerlock's Damned Cowboy
Swiss Deliverance (shock)

Lower Level Legendaries/Uniques:
Apt Hellfire (lvl 30)
Rapid Infinity (lvl 30)
Dva Infinity (lvl 35, fire)
Dva Infinity (lvl 40)
Waka 12 pounder (lvl 14)
Explicit Unkempt Harold (lvl 30)
Wild KerBlaster (lvl 6)
Tumtum Buffalo (lvl 29)
Punctilious Thunderball Fists (lvl 35)

Akurate Plasma Caster (lvl 30, fire)
Guileless Plasma Caster (corrosive)
Expansive Blaster (lvl 19, fire)
Apt Plasma Caster (shock)
Impetuous Plasma Caster (fire)
Zammechat Moloko (shock)
Expansive Blaster (slag)
Stocking Launcher (shock)
Swift Blaster (lvl 40, fire)
Sever Blaster (corrosive)
Bustling Launcher (slag)
Rappid PRAZMA CANON (fire)
Roket Pawket PRAZMA CANON (slag)
Plenteous PBFG (fire)
Partisan Topneaa (fire)
Punitory PBFG (corrosive)
Murduring Plasma Caster (lvl 35, corrosive)
Attack Blaster (lvl 37, corrosive)
Guileless Plasma Caster (slag)
Partisan Topneaa (shock)

Grounded Bee
Black Hole
Fabled Tortoise
Hide of Terramorphous
Sham (94%)
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Evolution (80%)
The Cradle
The Rough Rider

Stockpile relic - AR ammo +67% and Max Grenade count +4
Aggression Relic - Shotgun Dmg +30%
Aggression Relic - Pistol Dmg +30%
Aggression Relic - Launcher Dmg +30%
Stockpile Relic - AR ammo +67%, Launcher ammo +67%
Stockpile Relic - Shotgun max ammo +67%
Stockpile Relic - Assault Rifle Max ammo +64%, Pistol Max Ammo +64%
Blood of Terramorphous

Also have a few heads and skins as well as a lot of grenade mods (no rubberized mods) Just ask for more details.

Plus a few legendary assassin, siren, and gunzerker mods

I might be on later tonight, so if you send me a message on xbl i might not get it immediately. Its best to respond here or pm. If i dont get online tonight, i will be on around 11am cst tomorrow.
4 years ago#2
Forgot to mention that I'm also looking for the frozen wrath (white tiger) skin for maya from the new dlc
4 years ago#3
Give me time to dupe. I have a Legendary Mechromancer. Ill trade for the Perma-Sharp Baby Maker GT: Steve0314. Ill invite you when I'm ready.
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4 years ago#4
Steve0314 posted...
Give me time to dupe. I have a Legendary Mechromancer. Ill trade for the Perma-Sharp Baby Maker GT: Steve0314. Ill invite you when I'm ready.

sounds good. I'll accept that trade. Im on
4 years ago#5
I have a corrosive infinity i would trade for that shock shredifier, just send me a message
4 years ago#6

Still looking for a shock infinity.
4 years ago#7
I have a shock infinity I'm not using, a skullsmasher would be nice, Gt Otzega, message me if interested.
4 years ago#8
do you still need the shrediffer I can dupe that for you i need a couple of weapons that you have as well. Thanks
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4 years ago#9
I appreciate all the offers guys, unfortunately i have gotten everything i need, unless anyone has a sticky longbow quasar with 0.0 fuse

Thanks again
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