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3 years ago#1
I recently downloaded the patch, and inexplicably found myself with 10 golden keys to be used with the treasure chest in sanctuary.

Since I'm only level 12 and wasn't happy with most of the weapons in my inventory, I opened the chest.

I immediately got an awesome sub machine that I'm very happy with. But my questions are:

How often should I open the chest? Are all the weapons awesome or are many of them duds? And does it dispense shock or corrosive weapons?

3 years ago#2
I believe it does dispense all elements since I got a fire assault rifle, corrosive sniper rifle, and a shock rocket launcher. I'm not sure about slag, but I only did open the chest three times. Every time, I got good stuff (or my equipment was just crap).

Like I said before, I opened the chest three times, although I guess some might even call that too much (I'm a level 26 Zer0)

Those are my two cents... Use them as you wish.

EDIT: many*
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3 years ago#3
It contains some straight up trash. Garbage relics and shields. Sometimes class mods that aren't even for the character you're using
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3 years ago#4
When you jump from normal to true vault hunter mode you're going to be very overwhelmed by the mobs. I'd save the bulk of them for when you make the leap to TVHM and when you're in trouble. I'd also save some for 2.5 because everything jumps again.
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