GOD ****ing ****it Gearbox!

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User Info: Chimzard

4 years ago#1
Why the frick do you have to make everything increasingly impossible in this game?! I fell into a frigging hole in the Hyperion Slaughter Arena, at round 5. When we actually made it to the last round I guess they decided it would be funny to send off a **** you by dropping off a Badass constructor 2.0 and a few dozen super Badass surveyors. This is almost as bad as Master Gee and his anti climatic loot drop.

On a more calm side note, what did you guys think about Big Game Hunt? Personally I thought it was too short.
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User Info: yiangaruuuga

4 years ago#2
Bee Shield?
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User Info: LordofHunters

4 years ago#3
A lot of new creatures/unique monsters. I enjoyed it because it was a doc focused on the premise of hunting rare beasts, then again I enjoy farming for loot and such...

the one thing that I felt added to the fun was more enemies with the ability to reflect your shots, be it passively or during a move- witch doctor tornado- plus running around the dlc with a big boom blaster and Longbow Quasar grenades with 0.0 fuse time made for some funny kills.
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User Info: havok718

4 years ago#4
That last wave killed me like 4 times before I got it down. Good challenge IMO, but doing all the waves before the last wave 5 times was a bit tedious.

User Info: SuprSaiyanRockr

4 years ago#5
The new dlc is great if you like farming for loot, but for the rest of us, it's okay.

I do enjoy the new enemies, but it really is far too short, even with the side missions taken into consideration.

I do appreciate that some of the new 'invincible' enemies are completely optional. That's a plus. That said, Voracidous is bad. A boring fight, and it takes forever to get to him, since he's near the end of a map.
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User Info: Chimzard

4 years ago#6
The bee shield doesn't really protect me from damage since it goes out too fast, especially against electrical attacks like the ones that the surveyors can attack with.

I never really found much in the loot department. Can you still access the chest room after finishing the main quest line?
If only I could change my username... - GT: Ian10235
3DS FC: 4210-4251-1844

User Info: oXBornToKillXo

4 years ago#7
Are you serious? This game is so easy I turned my BA rank off months ago. Maybe it's your gear. Need help? Gamertag: oXBornToKillXo

User Info: Tsuruke

4 years ago#8
So you're telling us, because you haven't found the right combination of gear with skills you are blaming Gearbox due to your difficulty?
From what I am gathering..
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