So... I'm lazy, and I might as well give this a try.

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4 years ago#1
So I played Borderlands 2 for a while, beat the game once on whatever the regular difficulty is. Got bored of it, and listed it on ebay. Someone bid 35 bucks, and I was surprised... until I saw that this person had zero feedback. From my experience, zero feedback means I'm not getting paid.

LOW AND BEHOLD! I didn't get paid. Filed the no payment report thing, but overall I'm taking this as a sign that I should keep this game and continue playing it.

All this being said, I am not the hardcore gamer that I used to be... work, family, things have gotten to me. Kinda sad about it actually. So, I'm wondering if someone would be kind enough to tell me what DLC I should actually get if I'll be playing this solely on my own. After recommending me which DLCs (I actually don't even know how many DLC's are out there... or anything about them whatsoever... 1st world problems), would anyone be so kind as to duplicate "TEH BESTEST WEPINS AN SHEELDZ IN TEH GAEM???" for me?

Yes, I'm asking for a person that would just hop in my game, drop whatever the best things are in the game, and that is it... lol. Duplicate them for me, not just give me the stuff of coure -- don't want you to lose anything. I really don't ever plan on having enough time to grind my way to having the super epic legendary rare golf ball trinket that lets you shoot field goals.

Come to think of it, I dont even know if I'm level 50. Or if level 50 is the cap. Whatever the level cap is, thats what level items I pretty much want. I'll get myself to the cap soon enough just by killing boars.

Well, if there are takers, thank you. If there aren't, thats ok, thanks for looking at the thread.
"It is inevitable...." Agent Smith, (Hugo Weaving), The Matrix
4 years ago#2
80% of your post was pointless if you just wanted gear FYI lol
Most folks here will give it all to you regardless

If you're not somewhat competitive in a game and don't care if you do poorly, you're probably not competitive in life. That probably means you're a hobo -banana
4 years ago#3
Completely agreed, it was pointless. I just felt like sharing the story. I can link to the ebay listing for proof :)

Also, I think this stems from the lack of cheats that developers used to put in games. I don't care about achievements, I dont care about playing the game for years to come to get that crazy uber shield. I just want to have fun... So I guess this is the only way I can cheat.

Anyways, any takers?
"It is inevitable...." Agent Smith, (Hugo Weaving), The Matrix
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  3. So... I'm lazy, and I might as well give this a try.

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