infinity help

#1jordan20649Posted 1/20/2013 11:45:03 AM
Im sick of having no luck farming the doc can any one dupe me a lvl 50 infinity il take a fire and shock one if anyone is nice enough.

#2moosemidgetPosted 1/20/2013 11:45:51 AM
Do u have a fibber or sand hawk
#3jordan20649(Topic Creator)Posted 1/20/2013 11:48:30 AM
i have a level 50 action fibber is thats what ur going for
#4moosemidgetPosted 1/20/2013 11:50:00 AM
Sure.. I can hook u up send me a invite GT MooseMidget
#5bkblakeyPosted 1/20/2013 1:48:43 PM
I have all with 10.4 rate of fire I can dupe. I'm looking for lvl 50 twister-- just thought I'd ask.

KYdrugdealer on Xbox
I should be on after work ( in about 7 hours).