N e girls want to play borderlands 2?

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The internet: Not the place for serious responses to picking up chicks.
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Well, at least you aren't being unsafe and trying to pickup gutter skanks at some local bar.
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LOL "hey baby, if I give you virtual stuff will you talk with me?"
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SWF Looking 4 STR
msg me cutie
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TC = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSBDSNRt4AQ
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gunsndroses posted...
Msheridan1990 posted...
me n my friend (male) are about 2 start a new playthru n we r looking 4 a couple girls age 20-27 2 play w/ us we have some oranges we can dup 4 u 2 if u ply w/ us serious replies only plz

Translation via Google Translate

"Me and my friend, who is also a male, are about to start a new playthrough, and we are looking for a couple of girls aged 20-27 to play with us. We have some oranges we can dupe for you, too, if you play with us. Serious replies only, please."

Oh, btw, a place like GameFAQs isn't exactly a place you should be picking up chicks.

Just saying.

Ooooo now I see what it means. Thanks for that!
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Was it really necessary to shorten "any" to "n e"? It's a friggin three letter word.
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Jesus christ these are desperate lol
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Single Armoured Titan looking for Jill Of All Trades to show me a duping good time msg me
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