LF dlc 3 skins and heads

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4 years ago#1
Have lots to trade
Any of the rare drop ones will do pretty nicely add llamas creamRZA
Ohh and if you know anything about them that would be grat to
4 years ago#2
4 years ago#3
4 years ago#4
list of heads/skins I am looking for, I have them but are trying to get them for my friends

-Kawaii Killer
-Special Edition: Clean Shave
-Gh0st Head
-Chopper Topper head
-Pretty in Pink Head
-d00med Head
-All 4 Vault Veteran Head customs
-Lovely Corpse Head custom
-XXX Head custom (want this 1 1st if possible)
-Digitized Death head custom
-Special Edition: Private Eye
-Admiral Asskick
-Til Death Do Us Part
-The Baron
-Special Edition: Snowblind
-Space Knight

3 heads/skins = 1 random weapons
6 heads/skins = 3 random weapons

If someone has all of them I will dupe everything listed all weapons,heads,skins,shield and relic from Hammerlock DLC
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