LF siren and mechro skins will dupe All Hammerlock DLC heads/skins/guns

#1zodiaccurse12Posted 1/21/2013 12:30:56 AM(edited)
Looking for for both Siren and mechro Gummy that works, Pink Peppercorn/Beyond the Pale, if you can mass drop a bunch of them it would save time and I can mass dup all heads/skins/ and the guns from hammerlock

post what you have
just the rares please the mission/side quest ones I already have

Hammerlock Items Available

All Heads/Skins (including wrath and frozen wrath for Maya)

Guns all lvl 50
Ferocious Lead Storm
Practicable Interfacer
Skookum Hawk Eye
Potent Infection
Rightsizing Yellow Jacket
Basic Double Barrels
derp boom
Rustler's Twister
Siah-siah elephant gun
Dasteryly Rex
Boss Damned Cowboy
Rustler's Hydra

Relic lvl 50
Breath of the Seraphs

Shield lvl 50
The Rough Rider