Huge skin give away only 15 mins

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4 years ago#1
Hey message llamas creamrza for invite
4 years ago#2
Still on I'd hurry though
4 years ago#3
Yeah send those messages not sure how long I can last befrore I have to check them out
4 years ago#4
all the new dlc ones?
cant you get nailed for marketplace theft?
4 years ago#5
Cheers mate! You an Aussie by chance?
XBL Gamertag: Gallywag
I love Gamefaqs' mods.
4 years ago#6
You bet "staaynn"- all the way
(Australian for any one who doesn't know)
4 years ago#7
Would keep open but there is LITRALY nothing left except a few quest rewards so if your a low level or very lazy message me I'm here for the next 5- 10 minutes thx everyone for coming
4 years ago#8
I had to check it out. Grabbed something for a friend, but already had all those. Thanks again!
GT: JenMeister07
4 years ago#9
Yeah you should of been there in the first 5 minutes there were about 200 - 250 skins there you were pretty unlucky =(
4 years ago#10
Bout 2 minutes to go
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  3. Huge skin give away only 15 mins

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