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4 years ago#1
Just changed my commando from a defender gemini scorched earth buid to a nuke straight dps build......I have all top tier equipment but it seems im missing something. Im getting one shotted all the time and before it was near impossible for me to die. Whats so great about a dps explosives build. I do more damage but with the bee and sherrifs badge abd a 10.4 infinity do I really need more? It feels like the gemini scorched earth invincible build is still the very best commando build
4 years ago#2
Play the build you like most.
4 years ago#3
This is a question for non casuals. Im an expert at this game im looking for opinions of people who run with full orange/purple and etch gear and have tried both builds and prefer explosives. Ive heard a lot about explosive commando builds but I fail to see why its better than a scorched earth gemini build once your at level 50
4 years ago#4
Your shield is likely the problem. Are you using Evolution? You also don't need Nuke, or any capstone, for that matter. Your DPS doesn't come from your turret, it comes from having your turret out, and hitting with bullets that benefit from grenade damage boosts.

If you're going full DPS, you can't have any unnecessary skills. Try putting your points like this:

That, plus the Evolution, should give you the survivability you need with the build.
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4 years ago#5
lol @ "Im an expert at this game"

congratulations when does that pay off?
4 years ago#6
Of course the bee allows for more damage.

For info on builds, dont go here. You get people who quote a part of your post, trying to make fun you. Instead of help.

Use the GBX forums.
4 years ago#7
Im using blast proof the bee bc of my dp unkempt harold and kerblaster. If I was gonna switch id be more inclined to go with the neogenator instead of the evolution but I have both. I will have to do some tests. What I was really arguing is that with my dps being so high with the gemini build. (Nothing is a challenge besides raid bosses) why even go for the extra dps when you get so much more from the survivability tree
4 years ago#8
Well, if you're looking for the build that let's you get all the maximum DPS while also having survivability, try the build I listed. If you want the same build you have with more survivability, change your shield. Or, you could just do what I do, and not worry about your DPS, and throw out Nukes like it's going out of style. Up to you.

But the answer to your OP is your shield, and the reliance on capstones.
No Zombie is safe from Chicago Ted
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