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Loot Giveaway & Raid Run

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User Info: TheD1ddler

4 years ago#1
For some reason this game interests me again, so i will be hosting a public match here in about 5 mins where i will be giving away a copy of my entire collection of legendarys and rare stuff. sorry no heads or skins today if i feel motivated i will do that sometime in the near future. after the giveaway ill be running through all the raid bosses for seraph crystals and extra experience for anyone in need of a few levels. ive got quite a large collection (~150 items in total) including all of the important/new stuff from every DLC. anyone interested just send me a msg on xbl or drop into the public game i should be on for a few hours.
xbl gamertag: xAbsolut Zero

User Info: Steelboy87

4 years ago#2
I sent you a message, Toddness87, I could use some of the new dlc stuff and a few odds and ends

User Info: Steelboy87

4 years ago#3
Thanks man, appreciate it

User Info: ejector9

4 years ago#4
Definitely interested in joining, sent message

User Info: ZeroShot101

4 years ago#5

i recently got interested in this game again as well send an invite

User Info: Digitalmagic

4 years ago#6
Thanks! Great gear and exp

User Info: HeROiiCs

4 years ago#7
Invite please. GT WreKin NooBz

User Info: nexus414

4 years ago#8
Invite ME GT:Justinvice123
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