mechromancer build question

#1Jacobson1275Posted 1/23/2013 9:52:18 PM
ok i have a lvl 32 mechro and have been specing down BFF (19), LBT (7) and one in anarchy. I solo with this character mainly. The question is should i just go down BFF for now or keep the way i am going by spreading it out alittle? Also how killer is the ordered chaos tree?
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#2ShichikaPosted 1/23/2013 10:00:21 PM
Ordered chaos is awesome, i main a mechro and play solo most of the time to, Anarchy and Discord really help you out in them tough fights.
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#3Jacobson1275(Topic Creator)Posted 1/23/2013 10:17:20 PM
i was going down the bff one for survial. might respec and try ordered chaos
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#4Steve0314Posted 1/23/2013 10:20:14 PM
Personally I used Ordered Chaos mixed with BFF. I only have 2 in whatever the shock tree is. I forget. I love and completely rely on Blood Soaked shields. Instant shield regen?... YES PLEASE!
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#5captain_tylorPosted 1/23/2013 10:36:52 PM(edited)
Blood Socketed shieds are very good. Middle tree is meh. Sharing is caring give some interesting options and extends robot survivability.

So, my endgame is something like this

Oh, and I nearly forgot most important thing - use torgue shotgun.